Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ten Things Thursday- Part 3

1. I think I accidentally discovered the center of the universe for young professionals last night. My friend Martha and I had dinner in Washington Square at a place called Publick House (formerly known as Anam Cara which I had been to before). There I was, stuck in a throng of people who were all well dressed, having intelligent conversations, and being well educated. How much of this did I actually make up in my mind though? I think it was projection...

2. I might just be a lover of Belgian beer- I'm not sure. There's something about the orange peel and coriander that makes it unique- almost a white wine beer even. A good white wine at that.

3. No matter what though, I'm a red wine kind of guy. Cabernet Sauvignon especially. I like to think the wine I drink is a perfect reflection of myself. Cab Sav, what with being so dark, so complex, and so bold, resembles how I view myself spot on.

4. I once spent a whole summer that I had no money having nothing but cheese and cheap champagne for dinner. Luckily I wasn't alone in doing this.

5. Yes, this has become a slightly alcohol related post. I figure we're adults, we have a past or present with it, why not mention it?

6. One of my favorite Boston Moments was sitting with friends on a roof deck on Beacon Hill, drinking prosecco, and eating greasy pizza. I think that's why I'm so fond of prosecco during the summer- it's my attempt to recapture a moment that I could have lived in forever.

7. I prefer not to drink and knit. But maybe there's such a thing as knitter's goggles that if you've been drinking and you're around someone wearing something handknit, they automatically become that much more attractive?

8. The first thing I notice now when I go into a restaurant or in a new social situation is how many people are wearing a knit of any kind. My eyes tend to flock to it more than anything else.

9. I had a fascinating conversation about identity last night that I want to expand into something more substantial. Knitting was a major part of that discussion naturally.

10. I won't be drinking at all this weekend but I will be knitting. Back to basics- a cabled scarf for a co-worker. Then, planning stages for other projects.

Happy Thursday everyone.

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Dave Daniels said...

I tend to do the same about finding and focusing on knitwear. Unfortunately, in EVERY case, when asked if they knit something, they say no. Hmmm, perhaps drinking and asking is in order.