Thursday, January 4, 2007

10 Things Thursday Part 2

I figured if I'm going to start something, I might as well actually keep up with it. With that in mind, here's version 2 of Ten Things Thursday.

1. I've been slightly addicted to Facebook recently- more for the odd reason of seeing how much I need to accomplish to seem like I'm in the same court as all the people I know from high school.

2. Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool just rocks my world.

3. The EZ sweater is nearing completion. I've struggled with it a lot but now I'm being super meticulous and it's working out in my advantage. My hands already know what to do- they are just begging me to hurry up and finish.

4. I'm wanting to hurry and finish because at the holiday party at work, my present contribution was a hand knit item. So, I want to finish that by the end of the month. The project? Why a pink scarf! The big question is- how will said pink scarf work? This needs to be established soon.

5. I think I lie to myself. I believe I actually like knitting in groups as tonight I'm heading out to Woolcott and Co for some chatting and knitting.

6. I've started to design stripes again.. almost compulsively to be honest. I'm hoping to make sure they at least translate into something knitted eventually.

7. Me, I might just be a jewelry maker soon. That is, if my hands are ever free from...

8. All the design projects I'm planning! I figure it's time to just go all out and see what this boy can do. There was this great quote sent at my work that basically said it's better to fail at what you love then succeed at what you hate.

9. I might be falling in love with miso soup. Anybody have suggestions for amazing miso soup in Boston?

10. The color brown. That's it. The color brown. It deserves two fragments it's so beautiful.

- Jeff


Dave said...

I'm glad the sweater is finally behaving itself. Or is that you who is behaving yourself? Doesn't matter. Will we get to see it eventually?

Sean said...

We are going to have to coordinate better. I'm so sorry I missed you! Anxiety was winning the day so I retreated a bit.

Takemura has some wonderful Miso!