Thursday, December 14, 2006

No, I Will Not Confirm/Purl on Demand

It's a restless world enough as it is. But the workplace always seems to magnify that reality to an irritating degree. Constantly the phone is ringing, people are micromanaging you, and making you confirm this or confirm that. ENOUGH!!! I want to look them in the eyes and when they least expect it, whip out my knitting needles and (while still maintaining eye contact because I can knit without looking now) tell them that I'll get to it when I can. There is no emergency

Unless I drop a stitch of course. Then you can send me another pointy red exclamation point e-mail.

That's not life though. Life is a series of unanswered red exclamation point emails and confirmations. Except when you knit. Knitting is this wonderful corner office life where only the corner office exists. You don't need email- who the heck is going to email you about the status of your knit stitches (unless you're designing of course but for sake of argument, no designing allowed)? I'm not having to confirm any sort of knitting behavior to help ease the boredom of a co-worker or satisfy the ego/control nut whom practices micromanagement like it's a religion. No, my needles are my only supervisors. All they ask is for good wool and lots of use. Now there's a job description.

I guess I'm learning how I operate now. I'm not a fan of interruptions in my daily work. Actually, I'm quite content with doing the same thing all day as long as I can track some progress. I'm one person who is not ready to be pulled in many different directions because it confuses the mind, which can be managed if you're doing something you enjoy, but not so easily when it's not your passion.

So much of the knitting I do is an expression of where I'm at in my life. I consider myself an ambitious knitter in the sense that I step outside of my own comfort level in order to achieve results that will increase my confidence. I'm hoping to find a career that brings out that excellent side in me but I've still yet to make up my mind. I know that whatever I do, my knitting will follow. But I don't want it to follow me as a relief from my daily activities- I want them as an extension of my happiness that I know is possible in work. Luckily I'm learning there are a variety of skills that can be self taught that I'm interested in- programming, proofreading, editing, entrepreneurship, design. Funny isn't it? A lot of those skills remind me of knitting.

I like how life is nothing but a stitch sometimes.

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Kat said...

OH, you're quite the philosopher! LOL. Hope all is well!