Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Pre-Sale Jitters

You know what's weird? Before a sale today at Woolcott and Co., I'm getting the jitters. I think it's because I know how crazy I can go during a sale. And with the Pemaquid at 25% off, it might not even stand a chance because I could use some amazing, warm, and colorful alpaca hats. Well, not hats for alpacas but hats for me made out of alpacas (and definitely not made by alpacas though that would be quite a wonder to see)

What else tempts me before a sale?

- Lots and lots of Elsebeth Levold Silky Wool
- All of Barbara Walker's Knitting Treasuries
- Rowan Tapestry (I'm curious about making a Clapotis)
- Anything Elizabeth Zimmerman
- Fun kids yarns for 2 Baby Surprise jackets

Oh there's just too much!

So in 23 minutes, I'm off. Perhaps I should call my credit card company beforehand. Nah! Luckily I have some yarn protection inside that says Thou Shall Not Stash. Plus I may not have as much time for knitting now as the winter is picking up and I'm wanting to pick up some other things for variety such as beading, writing, and most importantly, knitting's new cousin, designing! This may even include a new business by me so be on the lookout. I'd love the support.

What makes you giddy before a yarn sale?


Dave Daniels said...

WAIT! You bitch. Er, sorry, I mean...Elsebeth Levold Silky Wool was on sale, too? It's my new favorite. DAMN!
What did you score???

Sean said...

I was there and witnessed it! It was so much fun to watch Jeff dig and decide, but the colors he chose were really amazing.

Paul said...

Wow! LOTS of wonderful stuff on your list. Can't wait to see what you create!

April said...

Ooo, Rowan Tapestry. It makes lovely socks. Fear not the pointy DPN's.

Dave said...

So .... what did you buy???????